Contract Manufacture with its significant manufacturing capability, both in scale and flexibility, makes it an ideal contract manufacturing partner. Its ability to deliver complete contract management services from product concept, through to pilot development, enables a full manufacturing service to be offered to our contract customers. The company expertise is in controlled release technology for air freshners which complements Standard Manufacturing 's range of aerosols and cleaning products

In a private label market that requires products to reflect the store image, our technological innovation means that we are able to introduce unique products that win customer loyalty in their own right. A combination of world-class formulation and packaging expertise means that colours do not fade even with our strongest detergents, our new fabric freshener refreshes fabrics in between washes, and our Easy Iron fabric conditioners make ironing less of a chore. The trajectory of Standard Manufacturing product and process development is a smooth progression from laboratory through pilot plant to full scale production, aiming to ensure the product on the supermarket shelf will meet the consumers expectations every time.

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***This site is not purpose for selling the products shown on the web. We mainly intend to introduce our services which provided to all our clients. If all the products would be needed please contact our clients directly by click through the links we provided at the service pages.
  • Baby Bottle liquid cleaner, Liquid Hand Soap, Softener, Dishwashing, Ironing Starch
  • Wax Stripper, Daily Cleaner, Window and Glass Cleaner, Floor Cleaner
  • Freshen Flora, Clean Spray, Body Spray, Air Freshener
  • Flying Insect and Cockroach Killer, Termite Killer, Multi Insecticide
  • Tyre Gloss, Engine Coating, Wheel Cleaner Spray, Car Wax, Spray Wax